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Siraco General Trading L.L.C

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Siraco General Trading L.L.C. Co

Siraco established in 1999 to ease the trade between Iran and clients located in all over the globe. Since the beginning the management of Siraco have made substantial investments, and thereby expanded in to the petroleum products.

Strategically located in Dubai, the company is ideally positioned to provide many products for different markets such as USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Siraco is one of the foreign trade companies around the world

Our network operations operate in many countries such as C.I.S, Middle East, S.E.Asia, Far East Asia, Africa and Europe.

Our success in the market is the result of an integrated approach to the company’s experienced management, including a competent marketing policy, offering high-quality products, regular logistics channels, innovative company developments and expert staff, all of which have made us one of the leading companies in Oil, gas, petrochemical and mineral fields

  • Introduction of Siraco company
    Introduction of Siraco company

    People and the Board of Directors of Siraco Company Position Contact name People President / Chairman in Dubai Mr. Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Seyed Ebrahim Oil Product Manager Mr. […]

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  • Siraco Company
    Siraco Company

    Summary of main activities: Siraco General Trading was established in 1999. The company primarily involved in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry and gradually expanded to Oil Products trading, […]

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