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Siraco General Trading L.L.C

Introduction of Siraco company

People and the Board of Directors of Siraco Company


Contact name People
President / Chairman in Dubai Mr. Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Seyed Ebrahim
Oil Product Manager Mr. Farid
Customer Service Mr. M. Kiani
Head of Finance Department Mr. Damgani

Organizational structure

Siraco General Trading has a dual organizational structure, split by functions and business lines. The functional units – Finance, and Business Development, Legal and Regulatory Issues and Corporate Communications

Overview of Siracco’s foreign trade
Siraco General Trading is committed to providing safe and profitable investment opportunities. Our philosophy has been to look for profitable projects in various industrial sectors to include the latest technology for refineries and motor oil recycling plants. The company has announced that its long-term future portfolio will increasingly focus on oil trading and oil project financing.

Capital Data Details :

Nominated: AED 3,000,000.00 UAE Dirham

Paid          : AED 3, 000,000.00 UAE Dirham

Financial and disclosed turn over details data are enclosed in Financial Statements.

Affiliated Companies

  1. SG Group
  2. PSFCO Company
  3. PEG RAK Dubai
  4. KTP Kazakhstan Trans petroleum Co.
  5. Persian Energy Group Consortium. Petroleum Trading Company and Swa

ccess infrastructure and contract:
Siraco General Trading has good infrastructure for having access to obtain high volume of petroleum product contract for transit and importing related Goods, and always have contract for transit and swap about importing Fuel oil from Turkmenistan and Iraq to UAE and South East Asia market for bunkering and reprocessing.

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