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Siraco General Trading L.L.C

Siraco Company

Summary of main activities:
Siraco General Trading was established in 1999. The company primarily involved in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry and gradually expanded to Oil Products trading, transit and swapping on a global scale especially fuel oil from Persian Gulf Area and Neighbors such as CIS Countries and Iraq regularly.
In addition Siraco General Trading is in a position to offer international financing thorough her partners in kinds of projects including Industrial, Petrochemical and Oil Sectors.
At Siraco General Trading, we have been committed to developing an efficient and market orientated private sector in the Middle East and CIS countries. This philosophy has served us well in our formative period and so has provided us with a sound basis for our expansion and development, internationally.

Services provided in Persian Gulf , CIS and Sout East Asia
Consultation and advice in obtaining Governmental Oil related contracts and effective formal relation for necessary permits to operate big projects as refineries and petrochemical.
Siraco General Trading has invested in its future and is strategically positioned for growth and development in order to provide support to our international clients whom maintain business interests in the Middle East and CIS countries.
Organizational structure
Siraco General Trading has a dual organizational structure, split by functions and business lines. The functional units – Finance, and Business Development, Legal and Regulatory Issues and Corporate Communications

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